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Guidelines Aid in Choosing Safe Tasks for Children

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A farm or ranch is a wonderful place to raise a child. But it can also be a dangerous place. Each year, more than 100 children are killed and another 22,000 are seriously injured on farms and ranches in the United States. A set of guidelines is available to help you decide what jobs on the farm are suitable for your child.

Guidelines Can Be Answer to Parents' Concerns

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The North American Guidelines for Children's Agricultural Tasks were developed to help you. The guidelines were put together at the request of parents in farming communities. They're designed to protect children from being hurt or killed on the farm.

Is Your Child Ready to Drive a Tractor?

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How do you know whether your child is old enough to drive a tractor? How about feeding the cattle or baling hay? The answers are different for every situation but now there are guidelines available to help to find those answers. The North American Guidelines for Children's Agricultural Tasks.

Is Your Child Ready to Work on the Farm?


Parents who want a resource to help match children's abilities with agricultural job requirements should know that the North American Guidelines for Children's Agricultural Tasks are available. Matching jobs to the child's development is important. Annually, more than 100 children are killed and 22,000 are seriously injured, according to the National Children's Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety, from incidents involving agricultural machinery, livestock, falls or other events. Injuries may occur because parents and children mistake physical size and age for ability, overestimate developmental capabilities, or underestimate levels of hazard and risk.

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Helping kids do the job safely is our goal!

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