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North American Guidelines for Children's Agricultural Tasks (NAGCAT) Guidelines

Children can grow up right before our eyes and each child has unique characteristics that develop over time. Because every child's growth and development is different, these recommendations for children's agricultural chores are not based on age.

How to use the NAGCAT Guidelines

Use these guidelines to determine if your child can do the job safely

  • Select a job. All Guideline Posters
  • Review "Adult Responsibilities" within each guideline and take steps to make sure the work setting is safe
  • Read "Main Hazards" to understand how the most serious injuries occur.
  • Read "Remember" for information on personal protection
  • Read through each question on the checklist to:
    • evaluate your child's abilities
    • learn about training and adult supervision
  • Decide if your child can do the job safely.
  • Let your child do the job!

NAGCAT Guideline
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