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Ways that YOU can use NAGCAT


See below for recommendations of ways various groups can use the North American Guidelines.

Business / Industry

  • Encourage "best practices" among your customers who work in agriculture
  • Make a display with NAGCAT for customers to see during Farm Safety and Health Week (mid September)
  • Post NAGCAT booklets in waiting areas, meeting rooms or place on magazine tables for customers to read
  • Include NAGCAT in displays at farm shows, county fairs and trade shows


  • Learn or teach the risks and hazards of specific farm jobs based on NAGCAT
  • Keep NAGCAT booklets with your other agricultural safety and injury prevention resources
  • Incorporate NAGCAT into students' assignments and class projects

Farm Organizations

  • Help parents learn about agricultural safety by offering presentations, discussions, or displays based on NAGCAT
  • Use NAGCAT booklets as a membership gift or project theme
  • Print NAGCAT on promotional materials (posters, greeting cards, place mats, calendars) or include them as a gift

Farm Safety Programs

  • Distribute NAGCAT booklets to parents of children who receive tractor certification
  • Provide NAGCAT as a teaching resource for presenters and volunteers
  • Provide a session on NAGCAT for parents to assess their children's abilities

Health Care Professionals

  • Learn about the principles of child development as they relate to agricultural work
  • Encourage parents to assess their children's readiness for agricultural work
  • Post NAGCAT booklets in waiting rooms, offices, exam rooms, meeting rooms and place on magazine tables

Farm Owners / Parents / Grandparents

  • Use the checklist in NAGCAT to assess your child/workers abilities to complete a job
  • Encourage "best practices" among friends and neighbors
  • Recognize different levels of supervision

For more information on NAGCAT, contact the National Children's Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety at 800.862.6900 or www.nagcat.org.

Helping kids do the job safely is our goal!

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